Heimertz Family
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Augustus Nod, Pet, Edgar, Ellen


Knightleigh Family

The Heimertz Family is a Bavarian family that travels around the world as a bizarre circus to protect the balm springs located all over the planet. All the Heimertzes can smile big and toothy smiles. The whole family work and live at the Heimertz Family Circus, save for at last four members who stayed behind to protect the Balm Springs.


When Sigmund Heimertz, the then Ringmaster of the circus came to Nod's Limbs he peppered the mayor with questions about the history of Nod’s Limbs, expressing special interest in Augustus Nod. Eventually, Sigmund learned of Nod’s now-abandoned Tower Mansion and arranged to purchase it from the Knightleighs. A Heimertz resided at the Tower Mansion ever after until 200 years following Nod’s initial disappearance, when the Heimertz in residence suddenly died. No next of kin could be found, so the current Mayor Knightleigh sold the property to a young couple pregnant with twins. Ronan Heimertz arrived not long thereafter and volunteered his services as a groundskeeper. When the twins’ parents left seven years later for an unspecified absence, Heimertz stayed on in the shed, keeping an eye on the property.

The circus returned to Nod's Limbs five years later to put Ronan on trial after he "betrayed" his family by digging up some balm to try and save a dying Pet (which the Heimertzes call "ithune") while the circus' five youngest members befriended Edgar and Ellen. Together they caused trouble in the midway until they got in trouble with Madame Dahlia.

Known Members

  • Ronan Heimertz: Nephew to Benedict Heimertz - Cousin to Ormond Heimertz - Husband of Madame Dahlia.