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Over two hundred years ago, a young man named Augustus Nod and his wife, Constance, settled along the banks of the Running River and started a wax factory. The business, along with Nod’s ego, thrived and expanded, and a town grew near the spot. Nod commissioned a golden statue of himself, but the statue’s limbs disappeared before they could be mounted to the torso.

Townsfolk dubbed their home "Nod’s Limbs," and the name stuck. Augustus and Constance Nod had a daughter, Agatha, but when she was still a young girl Constance fell ill and died. Nod withdrew from society, becoming ever more aloof and isolated, often going for long walks through the Black Tree Forrest Preserve. It was on one such walk that Nod stumbled across a curious, limbless creature: a mound of hair topped with a single eyeball, which he called Pilosoculus (Latin for "hairy eyeball"). He followed the creature into an underground cave, where he discovered a vegetated oasis filled with a sticky, viscous substance. When some of the substance landed on Nod’s hand, an old scar instantly healed. Nod built the Tower Mansion above the spring and an underground laboratory. He moved with Agatha to the house and began experimenting with the substance, obsessed with its potential uses, and all the while watched over by Pilosoculus. The "Life Balm," as he called the matter, showed properties of healing and erasing signs of age.

Tired of her confinement in her father’s house, Agatha began sneaking into town and met Pierre Knightleigh, son of Thaddeus. The two soon married in secret, and Nod disowned his daughter, retreating further into his research until one day, he disappeared. Thaddeus ordered an extensive search, but when nothing was found, a Knightleigh decree gave Nod’s possessions, including the mansion, to Agatha.