The twins challenge each other in a game seeing who can prank the most people in Nod's Limbs.


Edgar and Ellen compete against each other to see who can capture most Nod's Limbsians in one hour: Edgar captures a delivery boy (and keeps the pizza). Ellen captures a cowboy (with Pet's help). Edgar captures an old lady who tried to teach him how to dance. Ellen captures a salesman. Ellen 2 - Edgar 2. Edgar captures a diver. Ellen captures a doctor. Edgar tricks two fishermen into going to the mansion and captures them. Ellen tricks several Nod's Limbsians into entering the mansion by telling them there's going to be a play, among them are Principal Mulberry. Edgar makes a trail of cupcakes to the mansion and Mayor Knightleigh and other two Nod's Limbsians start eating them until they enter the mansion. Ellen captures Miles with a rope while he walked near the mansion. Ellen 9 - Edgar 8. Edgar fishes Janitor Clunch. When she heard someone walking to the main door, Ellen immediately opened it and grabbed her victim, but when she couldn't make it move, she looked up and realized she had captured Heimertz. Ellen, terrified, quickly let go of him. Seemingly angry, Heimertz attempts to grab her but she is able to escape. Edgar captures Ms. Moon Violet. Ellen puts a fake cat in a tree, when Gully Lugwood climbs the tree, Ellen grabs him with a mechanic arm.

The twins realize their time is almost over and since they're even, neither of them can win. Ellen then has an idea: she goes to the kitchen (where Edgar locked all of his victims) and kicks everyone out while Edgar does the same to her. In the end, no one wins since both of them captured ten Nod's Limbsians, when a man shows up in the hall, the twins attempt to capture him but end up capturing each other.