The Midway Irregulars
General Information

Imogen Heimertz

Notable members

Heimertz Family Circus


Heimertz Family Circus

First Appearance

"High Wire"

Last Appearance

"Split Ends"

The Midway Irregulars is a small band of pranksters conformed by the youngest members of the Heimertz Family Circus. All of them wear at least one article of clothing that is torn, dirty, is too big, or too small for their size.


The Midway Irregulars were born and raised in the Heimertz Family Circus, they often pull pranks on townsfolk to cure their boredom and punish trespassers by hanging them upside down on trapeze hoops, which they call "The Hoist".

When Edgar and Ellen arrived at the circus, the Irregulars applied The Hoist on them, thinking they were burglars. Later, after realizing how much the Irregulars and the twins had in common, they befriended them. The Irregulars invited the twins to their circle and shared with them some of their secrets, customs and the insect trainer, Phoebe, even let Edgar borrow her flants (which he later lost). The Irregulars' friendship with the twins ended when Ormond and Stephanie Knightleigh pinned the blame for the former's supposed death and the collapsing of the Big Top on the twins, Ronan and Madame Dahlia.


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