Tourist Trap
Tourist Trap
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Charles Ogden


Rick Carton


Simon & Schuster

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Tourist Trap is the second book in the Edgar and Ellen book series.

The cover artwork shows Edgar to the left, with an I </3 Nod's Limbs badge on his chest, and Ellen to the right, clad in a top hat with a note on it that reads "Tour Guide". Pet is in the upper-center of the book, with a camera. The Clock Tower and two of the Covered Bridges can be seen in the background.

From The Back of The Book

Where tourists are the toast of the town.

The Nod's Limbs Junkyard -- also known as the Gadget Graveyard -- is where Edgar and Ellen scavenge essential parts for their nefarious plots. So when Mayor Knightleigh announces plans to build a luxury hotel on the site, the twins spring into action.

The mayor has invited a group of celebrities to Nod's Limbs for the first annual French Toast Festival, but the twins are concocting a scheme to send potential tourists screaming in the opposite direction. Can Edgar and Ellen get sweet revenge and save the Gadget Graveyard?


Edgar (Brother) Ellen (Sister)

The book begins with the ruining Stephanie Knightleigh's birthday party by Edgar and Ellen. Then, after a time skip, the twins go to scavenge in the Gadget Graveyard. The Mayor then enters the Gadget Graveyard, where Edgar and Ellen overhear the his plans to destroy the location, and but extent, Ellen's favorite plant, Berenice.

The next day, the twins sneak into the Mayor's office, where they find out that he plans to use a group of celebrities to sponsor a hotel, which is going to be built in the style of the Tower Mansion, and in the place of the Gadget GraveyardEdgar and Ellen then decide to steal Stephanie's position as tour guide to scare away the tourists in order to save both the junkyard and Berenice.

The day of the French Toast Festival, another ploy to attract some celebrities, the twins force the celebrities to wake up early and guide them to bogus highlights like the quicksand lair of the Limbless Monster, the crabapple tree where escaped convicts congregate, and the Wax Museum's melted marvels.

When Stephanie finds them, the neighbours accuse her of destroying Mr. Poshi's garden due to him finding a ribbon similar to her's in his garden and they capture her. When she escapes and arrives to the Wax Museum, Edgar distracts her until Ellen and the guests leave. After the twins and the guests leave, Ernest Hirchfield blames Stephanie for all the wax estatues that the twins destroyed since she was alone and forced her to clean up.

After abandoning the celebrities at the French Toast Festival, Ellen gets in a fight with tephanie while Edgar tricks Miles Knightleigh into swimming in the syrup tank to stop the fight. When Stephanie climbs into the tank to grab her brother, it breaks and the syrup covers everyone except for the twins while the toasts are eaten by pidgeons.

As the twins celebrate, Heimertz shows up to retrieve both his wrench that Edgar had stolen and Pet and soon after that they get caught in a rain of pigeon excrement, forcing them to take a shower for the first time in months. To make matters worse. Alex Sai gives Nod's Limbs a positive review, and the construction of the hotel continues.